1. Who Cares says

    This comic is patently untrue.
    It isn’t like we listened to our mothers before podcasts (or the internet) existed.

  2. Holms says

    #2 mnb0
    No it isn’t. The last panel makes the joke that the youth aren’t listening to the exasperated mother, while Who Cares is disputing the claim made in the second to last panel -- that we listened to our mothers until the internet came along.

    #3 abbeycadabra
    This strip is bigoted? What?

  3. Katydid says

    Offensive? Bigoted? I don’t see it.

    As a mother with now-grown adult children who are out on their own and having kids of their own, I can attest that some kids would rather learn things the hard way than to listen to a parent.

  4. says

    This strip is not bigoted unless I stretch that definition to include ‘against young people’, which I wasn’t.

    This strip is tiresome ‘hurr hurr young people’ Boomer humor.

    The only kind of humor worse than this strip is ‘edgy’ bigotry, recently exemplified by Dave Chappelle among many many others.

    Is this a willful misunderstanding?

  5. Katydid says

    “Boomer” humor? Does that mean “anything I don’t understand”? Adults talking about children not listening goes back to ancient Greece. It’s pretty much a staple of human behavior. Sorry you don’t get that.

  6. says

    @8 Katydid

    You very strange person. Of course I ‘get that’. Right now it’s the Boomers who are engaging in the tired old thousands-of-years-old boring ‘humor’. The Boomer part is mocking technology with it.

    Pointing out that a humor trope is ancient is not exactly arguing with my claim that the humor in quesiton is tired, boring, and played-out.

    Are you quite done? You are showing every sign of only commenting to feel smug, and it’s not really coming off well for you.

  7. Katydid says

    Wow, Abbeycadaba, you are just determined to cling on to your POV, no matter how alternative your facts are. Peace out.

  8. says

    @11 Katydid

    You must be Holms’s buddy. Most people are not that habitually rude AND wrong at the same time. You have not even presented a shred of counter-argument to my points, merely abuse.

    I presume you were expecting… what, a large reaction of some kind? It is not lost on my that you didn’t even comment before I did. Smells like a Holms sock, really.

    And if you’re NOT, then I advise you to not take your cues from the guy who got banned everywhere else. Do not smell like a Holms sock.

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