Bernie Sanders, soothsayer

Eight days before the election on November 3rd, Bernie Sanders warned Jimmy Fallon about what he feared might happen if Trump lost. In fact, his prediction was so spot-on and that I am not sure why the Trumpers are not using it to claim that he was the mastermind behind the plan to steal the election.

That is exactly what happened. The reason that Trump’s plan went agley in a big way was that Fox News, along with AP, called Arizona for Biden at 11:20pm on election night, giving Biden 264 electoral college votes, short of the 270 required for victory but close enough that Trump’s claim to have won immediately rang hollow. This is why he was so furious with Fox and tried unsuccessfully to try and get them to retract.

The person in charge of their decision desk who made the call was later fired and described the ‘murderous rage’ that he was subjected to from conservative viewers.


  1. says

    Trump called this in 2016 and promptly shut up when, beyond all his expectations, he won.

    He thought the Dems would steal the election from him. He’d never experienced a deal that wasn’t crooked. In his world that was the normal expectation and so when he was declared the winner in 2016 he was gobsmacked.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Amazing, Bernie could have been describing the Bolivian voting returns that led to Evo Morales fleeing for his life and a nutty right-wing fundamentalist taking over.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    I’m surprised the Democrats aren’t using it to say he was the mastermind behind “stop the steal”.

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