Amber Ruffin has some thoughts on the black rappers supporting Trump

Rappers Ice Cube, Kanye West, and Fifty Cent have all expressed support recently for Donald Trump. Amber Ruffin has some thoughts on this development.


  1. says

    I guess it shows that ignorance and greed are not race-specific. Which, we already knew. But, thanks. Now I am deeply concerned what Carrot Top thinks. And maybe The Fonz.

  2. Holms says

    Kanye has been an airhead for a long time, and I don’t know enough about 50 Cent to know whether this is in or out of character for him, but… Ice Cube? One of the members of NWA, siding with Republicans?? It makes no sense!

  3. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    “This is not where your experience lies!” is a sentence SO MANY people need to hear.

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