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    Trump and his professional myrmidons do not need morality or policy ideas. What they need is the power to steal the election. I am not sure how we stop them from doing that.
    One of their keys is to hobble the USPS. That is how low Trump will go. The Republicans have been attacking the postal service for a long time, but now, when we need it the most, Trump wants to use the power of his office to make life miserable for everyone in the service of helping his election prospects.
    Of course, knee-capping the USPS is not the only vicious trick up their sleeves, but this is a significant escalation from their traditional tactics of voter suppression and gerrymandering.
    In a free and fair (and medically safe) election, the entire Republican party would be repudiated in a record landslide. But the chances of having such an election are small and getting smaller.
    Seriously -- any ideas? What can we do?

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