Qualifications to be president

After the election of Donald Trump as president, the bar for this position has become so low that pretty much any sentient being that has shown any signs of intelligence (and I include apes, dolphins, and crows in that category) would be better. So it is irritating to see any Trump supporter asking questions of the Democratic candidates as to whether they are qualified for the job, whether they have the requisite experience, skills, etc.

I am not saying that the public should not value expertise and wisdom and experience. I am only saying that Trump supporters have forfeited the right to raise such questions. I think cartoonist Jen Sorensen agrees with me.


  1. machintelligence says

    Remember when your parents said that “anybody could be president?
    They were right!

  2. jrkrideau says

    An interesting aside. Today is the start of voting for inmates in Canadian prisons and correctional institution for the upcoming Federal election.

  3. says

    @machintelligence: No, that’s not true. Rich* white men can be totally incompetent and be president. But poor people, POC’s, women, etc? Nope!

    * Or at least white men believed by many to be rich. At the very least, Trump was born into wealth, no matter how much of it he may or may not have squandered.

  4. lanir says

    Sounds like the best way to answer that would be to say whatever candidate’s credentials are being questioned has every qualification the current president does plus a few others.

    Being a supposedly successful businessman is not a qualification because that shows a talent for making money. Governments make money through taxation which conservatives hate. So do they actually want the government to make money? No, no they do not and they can shut the hell up about this hypocritical nonsense.

    Being rich is not a qualification because it just assumes he’s immune to graft because he’s already gotten his. This ignores how greed works because there’s never a point where enough is enough.

    Being an incompetent buffoon is not a qualification because the job is important and the country can ill afford another absentee leader who does not lead.

    Those are Trump’s qualifications for office. Any objections past that are essentially saying “I would vote for a turnip if it only told me I was right about X stupid issue where I’m obviously wrong.”

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