It looks like a smash-and-grab burglary to me

This video of a deer crashing into a hair salon has been all over the internet.

My question is why the deer decided to do this. My initial idea was that it was angry about a bad haircut it had received earlier when its fellow deer started laughing and pointing at it. But this news report suggests a different motive:

The buck ran to the break room at the back of the shop, came back out and hit a mirror, then ran out with an iron caught on its antlers, Heredia said.

Although the buck ran through the shop thrashing its antlers, it caused little damage other than to the front door and window, Heredia said. “It’s crazy It didn’t break anything,” she said.

What that deer really wanted was that iron. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, probably because deer do not have second amendment rights to own guns.


  1. flex says

    A couple of years ago one broke through the window into the assessor’s office at our township hall. Unfortunately there was no video.

    The most likely reason for this behavior is that it’s rutting season and the deer saw a reflection of itself in the window and charged it. Then got very disturbed when not only did it’s foe vanish, it wasn’t in the woods/fields any more.

    Or maybe it wanted a shootin’ iron and got confused.

  2. OverlappingMagisteria says

    Looks like there’s a busy street outside the salon. Perhaps it had just run across, dodging cars and like many birds, didn’t notice the glass? It was probably pretty confused and panicked since it was not in its regular environment but in a busy city/town.

  3. OverlappingMagisteria says

    Yea. I just watched it frame by frame (open in YouTube, pause, and press comma/period keys). The deer was nearly hit by the black truck that drives from left to right at the beginning of the video. It’s probably freaking out over almost being killed.

    I’m impressed that jumped over the lady sitting in the chair!

  4. rockwhisperer says

    My husband is in the end-slog of our partially-contractor-built, partially-husband-built, house under construction in a mountain area. As a result, he drives 4 hours (in good weather) either to (Friday nights) or from (Sunday nights) that location to our current home in the ‘burbs of the lowland city. About half of those drives are in deer country, at night. He has developed an eagle eye for deer and a fiercely quick foot on the brake. But he insists that *most* deer have figured out cars and wait for the big thing with bright lights and unnatural sounds to pass before crossing the road. OTOH, some don’t get it, and my car has a relatively new front end to prove it. (Husband was driving. I don’t drive the route often, and have miserable deer-detection abilities. Husband just found That One Deer.)

    I think videos like these also capture That One Deer. Back among the does, they’re probably gossiping about his cluelessness.

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