Hasan Minhaj on the opioid drug crisis

It is hard to be funny when you are talking about the massive destruction that is being caused by the indiscriminate use of pain-killing drugs, and Minhaj’s episode of Patriot Act on this topic is only sporadically funny. It seemed like he felt obliged to throw in some jokes since his is technically a comedy show, but his heart was not really in it, especially since he has known people who succumbed to early deaths due to these highly potent drugs like fentanyl, where even a tiny amount can kill you and many users are not even aware that the drugs they are taking contain fentanyl mixed in.

He showed how powerful drugs that once were reserved exclusively for people with serious and chronic pain issues became widely dispensed to pretty much anyone who wanted them, as doctors, drug manufacturers, drug distributors, and drug dealers realized the vast amounts of money that could be made by essentially getting people hooked on them, while the government neglected its regulatory role.

It is a horror story that will infuriate you. But also, like most of Minhaj’s shows, highly informative and gripping.


  1. jrkrideau says

    A friend of mine, who for very serious health reasons was on opiates and whose doctor insisted that he have a pen was probably able to save a young woman’s life.

    Someone beat on his apartment door, saying that they thought they had an overdose down stairs.

    He raced down and and administered a shot.

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