Great moments in political grandstanding

I wrote before about the problem of single-use plastic pollution where plastic items are thrown away after being used just once. One of those items is straws and a movement began to have restaurants only provide them on request. That seemed to have caught on quickly because I have noticed that the places I go to no longer hand out straws as the default option.

But of course, anything that is seen as helping the environment is seen by the loony right as an infringement on their constitutional right to destroy it and they don’t come much loonier that Republican congressperson Devin Nunes who detailed this horrifying experience he had in a restaurant.

That was the last straw for many Twiitter users who, as can be seen from the responses he got, attacked his straw man arguments, warts and all. (Yes, I know that sentence makes no sense but I wanted to get in three mentions of the word ‘straw’ in one sentence, even if one was backwards.)

As was pointed out, the idea that one is given the option of asking for straws should be contrary Nunes’ gross caricature of socialism, which would consist of not only everyone being given free straws even if they don’t want them but being forced to use them.

What a maroon.

Expect him to freak out again when he hears of the New York City announcement that they will be having ‘Meatless Mondays’ for school breakfasts and lunches to improve student health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. says

    If nothing else, not giving out straws when not needed is a cost saving for restaurants.

    But then, one thing I learned about “rolling coal” (modifying a vehicle to produce large amount of black smoke) is that it’s really bad for the vehicle’s engine, which means the conservatives are happy to spend money if it means “triggering the libs” by ruining the environment even more.

  2. deepak shetty says

    Forget straws CA restaurants even do this water (Especially during the extreme drought) -- water was only given if requested.
    It was like an Islamic theocratic communistic dictatorial secular tyrannical government.

  3. flex says

    Straws… I’m personally glad to see straws are only given when requested, I hate the blasted things.

    First, even when I requested no straw, I usually got one anyway. Second, when I take them out of my drink they they drip over the table, or napkin, or on the bread plate.

    Finally, and most importantly, I realized that when I used a straw I would finish my drink twice as rapidly. I’d suck that sweet cola nectar down so fast I’d need a second coke with my meal. Even with one of those super-grande size cups I’d drink too fast and too much, with the resulting need to find some convenient room of convenience (and the occasional tree).

    Nope, I started taking the straws out of my drinks years ago. I can then sip my drink and get only the amount I want, and pace my drinking to match the food I’m eating. If you want to vacuum your drink up, go ahead, but I’d rather the default be that they aren’t provided unless asked.

  4. jim willmot says

    I’m not one to endorse 24/7 political correctness, but the term “maroon” is one we should probably lose. I know Bugs Bunny used the term and that’s how I know it. Recently I wanted to use the term (to describe some idiot politician) but I thought I better look up where the term came from.
    “Maroons were Africans and their descendants in the Americas who formed settlements away from New World chattel slavery. Some had escaped from plantations, but others had always been free, like those born among them in freedom. They often mixed with indigenous peoples, thus creating distinctive creole cultures.”
    I’m not 100% sure, but in all probability, back in the day, calling someone a ‘maroon’ was similar to calling them the N word. Love your blog and have followed you for years. FYI.

  5. lorn says

    But … but my friend with nerve damage needs to use a straw…

    and she keeps a metal straw in her purse and I, her designated driver because she can’t drive, keep a couple of plastic straws in my truck.

    No problem.

  6. Mano Singham says

    jim willmot @#6,

    Wow, thanks for that piece of information! I had no idea. I will definitely retire that word from my vocabulary, unless it is being used to describe the color.

  7. mnb0 says

    In addition to JimW: Dutch for maroon is marron. The Afro-Surinamese people living in the interior of Suriname are still called marron -- and they are proud of it. They should be, because they won liberation wars in the 18th Century against the Dutch colonial authorities. In other words: they are heroes.

    Bushinengue is Surinamese for bushnegro, ie marron. IIrc the word has a Spanish origin.

    And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to compare this American politician with these heroes who fought for their freedom in difficult circumstances.

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