More mass murders of Yemeni children by the Saudi-US-UAE coalition

Just weeks after an attack that killed 40 children, the Saudi-US-UAE coalition forces have killed another 26 children and four women in two attacks.

A senior UN official has condemned another deadly Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen, which has killed at least 22 children and four women.

The victims were fleeing fighting in the al-Durayhimi district, south of the port city of Hudaydah, when their vehicle was hit on Thursday.

A separate air strike the same day killed four children, according to the UN’s humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock.

Mr Lowcock’s statement on Friday confirmed that the victims had been fleeing violence around the rebel-held port city Hudaydah.

He renewed calls for an impartial and independent investigation into air strikes. A report by Human Rights Watch the same day accused the Saudi-led coalition of failing to hold “credible” investigations into such incidents.

The reported attack was condemned by Unicef, Save the Children and other international organisations.


  1. tenine says

    How can we possibly be an ally of fling saudi arabia and join in on the sectarian war of Sunni vs Shia muslims; oh I forget Saudis have oil and we’re probably going join in on the war against Iran that the Saudis and Israelies both are willing to fight side by side in

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