Is Trump a racist?

The answer is of course yes. So why are we even bothering to debate a question to which we know the answer? Because his defenders try to deny it. Here Mehdi Hasan corners Trump campaign advisor J. D. Gordon on this question and nicely skewers him at the end.


  1. says

    It almost doesn’t matter if Trump, personally, is a racist or not -- his actions align with a racist agenda and he’s encouraging racists. Even if we imagine that he’s unaware of his racism, “so what?”

    Jay Smooth’s advice remains good: don’t get into the “is so-and-so a racist?” argument. The argument you want to get into is whether or not their actions are racist.

  2. ivo says

    LOL. So Trump cannot be racist because he’s all friendly with two foreign dictators? I guess he only hates colored people when they are poor and powerless then.

    Actually, this seems about right.

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