Curse of Chief Wahoo strikes again

So the Cleveland Indians, the baseball team of my hometown, was eliminated from the championship playoffs by the New York Yankees, losing 3-2 after winning the first two games. Last year they made it all the way to the World Series before losing to the Chicago Cubs.

I cannot say that I am sorry. I despise the team for retaining their racist Chief Wahoo logo. I have long been promoting the idea that there is a curse associated with retaining the logo and that as long as the team clings to it, they will have the cup of victory dashed from their lips just as they are about to drink from it.

Of course, curses are just superstitious rubbish but athletes and fans tend to believe in omens and talismans and the like. If enough of them start to think that Wahoo is really what is holding them down, that might get them to relinquish it, even as appeals to common decency fail.

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