The background to Susanna Reid’s epic put down of Smarmy Piers Morgan

Pretty much everyone must have seen the clip of the way that Smarmy Piers Morgan (I believe that is his full name) was hilariously put down by his TV co-host Susanna Reid, and the expression on his face as it slowly dawned on him that he was having his own words turned on him by his co-presenters. The clip has been rocketing around on Twitter and blogs, a sure sign of how everyone hates Morgan and are delighted at the opportunity to laugh at him. But there is some background to it.

In the supercut of clips below, you can see how this has been building up for some time for Reid as she had to endure day after day of his nonstop inane opinions and could only respond with non-verbal expressions of distaste.

Here is another clip of Morgan rudely interrupting her.

But it is not the case that everyone hates Smarmy Piers Morgan. Andy Dick started a fan club during the time that he was working for CNN.


  1. lanir says

    I think he accidentally mansplained something for me: why I don’t bother watching tv. Don’t even own one.

    Thanks for the context. That helped a lot in understanding the clip that was going around. I wonder if the network will figure out what the popularity of that little segment means.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    I don’t watch much TV, certainly not ITV. I do listen to BBC Radio 4, especially on a Monday night at 18:30, especially if “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” is on. “Uxbridge English Dictionary” is a round in which participants offer new definitions for already existing words, usually an excuse for a torrent of weak puns suitable for the ears of the none-more-middle-class audience one would expect of a show broadcast after 90 minutes of news and current affairs and just before “The Archers”.

    Stephen Fry defined “countryside” as “killing Piers Morgan”. Epic.

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