Alec Baldwin as both O’Reilly and Trump

Advertisers are fleeing Bill O’Reilly’s show following reports of massive settlements with women who claim he harassed them. Over 50 sponsors have fled and a recent show had just seven advertisers and ended abruptly 15 minutes early, maybe because there were not enough ads to fill the time, though one would have thought that he would have been able to bloviate to fill that time since talking is what he does best.

One well-known company that has said that it will stick with O’Reilly is Angie’s List.

Baldwin’s impression of Bill O’Reilly is pretty good, better than his Trump actually.


  1. Charles Sullivan says

    It looks like Angie’s list has just changed course and pulled their ads from O’Reilly’s show.

  2. says


    Except right before that, the laid-off coal miner character claims they just want good jobs. That’s kind of crap. People, unfortunately, tend to be short sighted and think the “good jobs” they are used to are the only good jobs that are possible. People in Oklahoma, I have heard, are pretty set on oil being their economy, despite being a windy state. I suspect part of the problem is changing the economy takes time. I doubt they can, for example, become a wind farm state overnight because they’d need transmission lines (though, I’d think that would be needed somewhat for the oil fields?) to get the power out of the state. So there would have to be an investment phase before seeing returns.

    (Yeah, I put “good jobs” in quotes there because working in coal probably isn’t that great of a job.)

  3. says

    Yeah, I put “good jobs” in quotes there because working in coal probably isn’t that great of a job

    I live in coal country. Now fracking country. There are signs on the billboards from lawyers, offering to help with mining injuries and black lung. You’re right to quote “good jobs” scarily: Trump’s promotion of coal is offering people a chance to subjugate themselves for another couple generations.

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