The Trump-Fox-O’Reilly mutual support system

As if Fox News couldn’t sink any lower, now comes information that the network paid as much as $13 million to settle lawsuits brought by women against Bill O’Reilly. The fact that they kept him on shows the kind of culture that is tolerated there. And now even more women are coming forward.

At a Los Angeles news conference Monday, lawyer Lisa Bloom detailed allegations against O’Reilly by Wendy Walsh, a regular guest on the prime-time show “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Bloom said O’Reilly had told Walsh he would recommend her for a paid contributor role on the network. Walsh and O’Reilly had dinner in Los Angeles in 2013, but when Walsh refused his invitation to go to his hotel room, his attitude changed and she was soon dropped from the show, according to Walsh.

Bloom was seeking an investigation by the city Human Rights Commission. A spokesman for the commission said no claim had been filed. Claims have to address activity that happened within the city’s five boroughs and must be filed within one year of an alleged infraction.

Walsh said she came forward because she was told by a Times reporter that many of the women who have accused O’Reilly of harassment are bound by gag orders. She said she is not bound by any such agreement, and the statute of limitations for suing has run out.

“Nobody can silence me because my voice is not for sale,” Walsh said. “Nobody can buy my voice.”

To no one’s surprise, Donald Trump has come out in support of O’Reilly. But the key development is that major advertisers are pulling their ads from his show even in the absence of an organized boycott, though such an effort has since started. That must be worrying for O’Reilly since money rules.

Seth Meyers looks the Trump-Fox-O’Reilly alliance.


  1. Funkopolis says

    I can’t believe that ‘Personally, I think he shouldn’t have settled, Because you should have taken it all the way.’ didn’t elicit a Trump University comment.

  2. says

    I was a bit disappointed that he leaned toward fat-shaming Ailes, when he could have made an equally wicked visual reference to Ailes’ resemblance to Bond villain Blofeld (the movie version)

    Of course the whole “Fox sucks” is kind of obviousness.

  3. jrkrideau says

    @ Marcus
    Well a pity perhap, but the CIA joke would lovely.

    I’ve met people from the CIA and they are good. It is an outstanding cooking school.

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