The wall with Mexico has already caused problems

I wrote a short while ago about how the proposed border wall with Mexico could face problems when it came to the Rio Grande river that forms about 1000 miles of the border that separates Texas and Mexico. Putting the wall on the US side, which is the only realistic option, means ceding the river to Mexico. This is not a purely hypothetical exercise. Back in 2006 when there was an earlier spurt of wall building, it resulted in many Americans, farmers and householders, finding themselves on the Mexican side of the fence, effectively shut out of their own country, and also had land taken from them under the doctrine of eminent domain.

According to one family who had their farm cut in half — part of it in the U.S., part of it in Mexico — they are still stunned that government was able to take their property 10 years ago.

According to Loop, all of their property is now on the Mexico side after losing in court.

“It left us no property on the U.S. side of the border wall, including my house,” she explained. “Everything was behind — on the Mexican side of the U.S. border fence,” with her husband adding they enter the U.S. through a locked gate

“You punch your code in or you come behind the border wall, there is a feeling of isolation,” Ray Loop explained.

Here is a CNN report about it.

One of the pieces of land that will be split by the wall expansion is a golf course. Given that Trump is a golf fanatic and a wall fanatic, which will he choose to save? I’m just kidding. The only golf courses he cares about are the ones he owns and/or plays on. A course in an obscure part of Texas is expendable.


  1. says

    Speaking of eminent domain and Trump (not) having conflicting priorities, eminent domain is an issue conservatives (especially those who used to proclaim themselves as “Tea Party” conservatives) can’t seem to make up their minds about. They seem against it when it is for projects they don’t want (like infrastructure improvements) and somewhat grudgingly for it for projects they do want. Here in Iowa, I’ve seen them put in a conflicted position in regards to the DAPL. Oh, they want that oil to flow through, but not on their land, damnit! It seems they’ve largely sided in favor of DAPL, of little surprise.

  2. jrkrideau says

    President Xi Jinping will be visiting Washington soon. Trump may want to discuss Great Walls with him. I believe the Chinese have had a considerable length of time to learn about dealing with wall issues.

    Why do I have the feeling that this wall is going to be a huge fiasco? Oh right, memories of the Rio Olympics.

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