Republicans really, really hate poor people

It is no surprise that Republicans love the rich and want to make them richer. So do the Democrats for that matter. What separates the two is that Democrats at least try to mask that deep love by offering crumbs to the poor and the middle class. While Republicans in the past tried, at least faintheartedly, to act as if they too cared for the less well off, now that they control the White House and both houses of Congress, they don’t even try and with Paul Ryan’s health care proposal and Trump’s proposed budget, the mask has really come off, revealing the ugliness beneath.

A president’s budget proposal rarely survives unscathed as it goes through the budgetary approval process in Congress but it does give an indication as to what the president’s priorities are. And what this budget says is that Trump doesn’t give a damn for those who are not very wealthy, and the biggest losers live in those counties that voted for him.

Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s budget and asks how dead you have to be inside to cut funding for the Meals on Wheels program that provides food to old people who cannot make them for themselves.

One wonders how long those same applause lines that Trump uses at his rallies will continue to enthrall his fans.


  1. Smokey says

    The upside is that they now show their true colours to the world. No dog whistles, no doublespeak, no pretense. The lizards have removed the costumes. Let’s hope the non-Evangelical voters manage to wake up before the next election. The Evangelicals will of course never wake up, so let’s hope for a rapture to get rid of them.

    Not that Trump doesn’t deserve it, but did they ever attack Obama so aggressively? He also dun goofed a few times. When I watch the actual-news-presented-as-jokes shows, I get the impression that Trump is universally mocked and disrespected. Even the regular biased-bullshit-presented-as-news clips are starting to poke fun at him. I must admit I’m impressed that they manage to make people laugh at disasters. Bread and circus keep the population calm, but the clown is just as frightening as ever.

    I wonder what the butcher’s bill will be. Hitler managed to waste 7-8 million Germans, but he had a local war and extermination camps to help him. Trump only has remote wars, but he’s attacking a larger number of defenseless people. Health and poverty-related deaths are slower than bullets, though.

    Interesting times, indeed.

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