Trump is a throwback of the worst kind

It is astonishing sometimes to look back at the kinds of things that were considered acceptable in the past. What is worse is to see some of those attitudes making a comeback now. Mark Frauenfelder points to a post by someone known as Saint Hoax titled MAKING AMERICA MISOGYNISTIC AGAIN who has taken advertisements from the past that are horribly demeaning and abusive towards women and superimposed actual quotations from Donald Trump on them.

Here’s one of them.

Trump and old ads

Most of the ads like the one above are from the 1950s but one is as recent as 1970.


  1. DonDueed says

    I was going to comment that the “pumpkin head” ad didn’t seem mysogynistic, at least until the Trump quote was added.

    Then I started reading the small print… Hoo boy.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Anyone who thinks Trump is a bit… unusual when it comes to US Presidents should take a long, hard look at LBJ. TIL that the architect of the Vietnam war as we know it was obsessed with his penis -- its size, its cleanliness, and indeed with getting it out and waving it at people really all the time. Some of the stories I’ve come across recently about him make the “grab them by the pussy” conversation sound even more like the idle boasting of a 14-year-old virgin than they already do.

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