Getting down to brass tacks on building the wall

Details have been sketchy and varying so far about the wall with Mexico that Donald Trump has repeatedly talked about building. Stephen Colbert looked at what Trump has said about it and then assembled a panel of experts (architect, engineer, concrete supplier, and designer) to estimate how much it would cost to carry out that vision.


  1. grasshopper says

    The Donald will probably go for the lowest contract price, and he might actually get two walls for the price of one if he chooses a firm like this.

    When the Channel Tunnel was under consideration, a request went out for tenders for the construction. International companies sent in quotes but the lowest came from the Reilly Brothers of Sligo -- total cost £150.

    ‘How can you tender for such a low amount?’ inquired the government official.

    ‘Well,’ replied Reilly, ‘it’s because there’ll be two of us digging at the same time. One from France and one from England and we meet up in the middle.

    ‘But,’ said the government man, ‘you’ve only got to be one centimetre out and you’ll miss each other completely.’

    ‘In that case,’ said Reilly, ‘you’ll get two tunnels for the price of one!’

    Of course, Trump will probably stiff them of the £150.

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