When loyalty to the Dear Leader takes precedence over everything else

We are living in a remarkable time when the government seems to be deliberately scorning the constitutional system of checks and balances that has been so carefully created. Subverting the principles of the constitution for venal and partisan reasons and political expediency has been going on for a long time but what is new is how brazen the current efforts are. The Customs and Border Protection officers ignoring the rulings of several federal judges that they stay the implementation of Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refuges pending full evaluation was one step. The fact that Trump did not ask the CBP to follow the judicial orders means that they will see him as giving tacit approval of their defiance.

Another test is emerging as to whether loyalty to Trump is going to be the main factor in making decisions. There emerged on social media a video of a military-style vehicle flying a Trump flag. There are regulations about what flags can be flown on military vehicles and this one violated it. It turns out that the truck belonged to a US Navy Seal unit.

The spokesperson said that a command inquiry has been initiated to determine what flag was being flown by the vehicle in the convoy.

“Defense Department and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display,” said Maxwell. “The flag shown in the video was unauthorized.”

Though known as SEAL units, Navy Special Warfare Units consist of many support staff, Maxwell said, so the occupants of the vehicle flying the flag may not have been SEALs.

If the inquiry determines there was misconduct involved in the incident, Maxwell said the unit commander will “make a disposition decision as to the appropriate administrative or disciplinary action”.

Let’s see if they take any action or if we are now living in a time when expressing loyalty to the Dear Leader guarantees immunity for anything you do.

The reports that the White House initiated a process to replace all the Inspectors General in government agencies also set alarm bells ringing because these IGs are supposed to be independent so that they can investigate waste and problems impartially.

An email from the Trump transition team on the evening of Jan. 13 instructed all transition team leaders to “reach out tonight and inform” the inspectors general in their agencies “that they are being held over on a temporary basis.”

The email from Katie Giblin, a member of the presidential transition team, confirms a story The Post reported last week that inspectors general, who by bipartisan tradition have open-ended appointments regardless of party, had been told that they would be held over only on a temporary basis and that they should seek other employment.

The email shows that the effort to replace the inspectors was not limited to a handful of agencies, but that it was intended to take aim at inspectors general across government departments.

The White House later walked back the move after even congressional Republicans expressed opposition but this shows the mentality of the current administration that seeks to put in place sycophants everywhere. Even if they do not try this move again, you can be sure that the IGs have been put on notice that they risk their jobs if they do anything that is seen by the Dear Leader as disloyal to him.

Samantha Bee has more on the burgeoning cult of loyalty to the Dear Leader.


  1. mnb0 says

    “We are living in a remarkable time ….”
    How do you mean? It has happened before, in a big country east of The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

  2. says

    Some of us have noted for years that the aggregation of power under the executive makes it easier to grab the reins of power. Unfortunately, the trend from Bush, to Obama, and now to Trump, has been to continually centralize power and vest more authority in one person. That was a bad idea. It was always a bad idea: it created a government that was prepared to blindly follow a strongman when such come along. Now that a strongman has come along, “oh, dear, what do we do now?”

  3. jrkrideau says

    Is there any truth to the rumour (which I just invented) that Samantha Bee is buying a condo in Toronto?

    Personally I’d have thought Vancouver was a better choice.

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