1. says

    I kind of appreciate the sentiment, but not the part about taking santa claus seriously. It’s a bit of ridiculousness that’s probably best forgotten.

  2. hotshoe_ says

    oh, that was exactly what I needed tonight. Sweet, and just a little bit pointed but not cutting.

    I attended a non-denominational (nearly atheist) christmas eve service this year, and I was in tears at some of the drawings/paintings they showed to illustrate Mary and her baby: very Semitic figures who reminded me of the mothers and children fleeing war in Aleppo (and elsewhere in Mideast). I couldn’t stop crying. Well, tbh, I was already broken up by the tragedies in my own family this year, but the reality of those children whose only wish is for the shooting to stop really struck me.

    Merry fucking Christmas, 2016. No, it hasn’t been the least bit merry for many of us. But ya know, there are still children who hope for and speak for peace, for kindness to animals, for taking care of each other … and not just in the funny papers.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a quote which belongs here, about “true words spoken in jest”.

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