More anti-abortion laws ruled unconstitutional

Rachel Vorona Cote provides a roundup of the way that anti-abortion laws are being targeted following the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court in Whole Women’s Health v. Hallerstadt that struck down laws that are labeled TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) that seek to impose on conditions on clinics that provides abortions that are not required for other procedures that might carry similar or even greater risks.

She talks about a law in Florida that blocked funding provided to clinics that provided abortions even if the funding was not going for that purpose and a law in Indiana that “required women to either bury or cremate fetuses after they had been terminated”.

As the head of Planned Parenthood said, this makes six anti-abortion restrictions that have been lifted in the last five days, the other states being Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

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