The future of political satire is brighter than ever

With the retirement of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from their comedy shows, many of us feared the loss of sharp political satire. But while The Daily Show itself has struggled to find its footing with its new host, alumni Samantha Bee and John Oliver, and also Seth Meyers, have been terrific in picking up the mantle. Of the three, Bee is the most consistently funny but all are analytical and informative.

Here is Bee on Republican racism and Trump’s nativist message.

John Oliver says that Democrats should avoid fighting Trump on social media.

Here is Seth Meyers on gun control.


  1. hyphenman says

    I rely on Mano to keep me informed about Bee, Noah and Myers so that I can watch John Oliver and Larry Wilmore.

    Jeff Hess
    Have Coffee Will Write

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