Remembering the fallen

Conan O’Brien takes a moment to pay tribute to all 16 Republican candidates who fell under the Trump juggernaut. He gives us the date when they decided to call it quits as well as the reason for doing so. It is interesting that five of them (Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki) dropped out even before the first actual contest, the Iowa caucuses, took place on February 1. Carl Bialik gives the full chronology of when each entered and left the race.

Stephen Colbert also honors the fallen.

I wonder how many of them will try again in 2020 or 2024.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    2020 is moot, as there’ll be a sitting Republican president.
    Will any of them have any credibility in 2024? Especially with The Donald sitting in the White House reminding them (as you can bet money he will) of how soundly he beat them? “Oh yeah. I remember that guy, he’s a nice guy, loser though, but a nice guy.” If Trump does nothing else positive he will have done the US a service by surgically removing the credibility from an entire generation of conservatives.

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