Oh joy! We still have Fiorina to make fun of for a little longer

So Ted Cruz actually went there. Perhaps feeling that he was not unlikable enough, he has gone and selected Carly Fiorina as his running mate, creating the ultimate nightmare ticket.

This is going to be fun. Tbogg provides seven clips of news interviews where Fiorina shows her thin skin, snarling at interviewers when they point out that her previous statements are false. Her skill at sneering and sarcasm are on full display. Expect to see more of them when her past disparaging comments about Cruz are brought up.

That this is a desperation move by Cruz is clear and Tessa Stuart says that it could easily backfire on him. Already Twitter is having fun, starting with her weirdly singing about Cruz’s children at the press conference. Haven’t those children suffered enough? The only benefit I can think of is that it took attention away from Trump on a day when he was giving a victory lap and also away from Cruz’s ignominious losses.

So Fiorina gets an extension on her fifteen minutes of fame before she disappears into the political abyss, for good we hope.


  1. says

    Thank you, Ted Cruz, for a bit of “WTF” in my day.

    I’m sure Trump is going to have fun with that pairup. Watch him pick a VP who’s completely out of the box and actually pretty decent. Condi Rice? He’s already got the bluff buffoon vote sewed up, he can afford to try something really nuts.

  2. John Smith says

    Trump is on track to win at the convention and Carly Fiorina doesn’t help with Cruz’s weaknesses AND contributes to the rigging sentiment. Trump just gains in the polls now.

    Oh and Trump is becoming sensible and Hillary a republican. He seems to have a more tolerable foreign policy now -- a right nationalist, who is willing to use diplomacy. We could have a potentially World War causing Conservative against essentially a Nazi in the general. We have to make Bernie run as an independent. Hillary intends to use fear of Trump to win, but honestly, I’m not sure who’s worse.


  3. sonofrojblake says

    We could have a potentially World War causing Conservative against essentially a Nazi

    Sorry… which one’s Clinton?

  4. Dunc says

    Wow, the writers of “USA” really are throwing everything at the wall this season. I’m starting to get the feeling that they’re worried that it might not get renewed…

    (This is not my joke, but I can’t remember who to credit.)

  5. Nick Gotts says

    We have to make Bernie run as an independent. -- John Smith@4

    Thus guaranteeing a Republican victory in the Presidential election, securing their hold on Congress and ensuring a far-right majority on the Supreme Court. Fortunately, it’s clear Sanders is not that stupid. “John Smith” used to be the pseudonym of choice for adulterous husbands booking into hotels with the girlfriend. Is it now being used by undercover Trumpites?

    Sorry… which one’s Clinton? -- sonofrojblake@5

    The one who hasn’t proposed deporting 11 million people (you do know Hitler’s declared policy for much of his career was deporting Jews rather than exterminating them, right?), excluding all Muslims from the USA and building a wall to exclude Mexican “defilers of our pure white womenfolk”; supported violence by his supporters against his opponents; and promised to change the law to protect himself against criticism if elected. Your evident infatuation with Trump, despite the occasional assurances that you don’t actually support him, is increasingly disturbing.

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