The Trump voters

The big puzzle is whether Donald Trump’s supporters will be swayed by the relentless attacks on him by the party and Washington establishment. Will Trump succeed even without the full support of right-wing power brokers like Rush Limbaugh (who prefers Ted Cruz) and the active opposition of Glenn Beck and the motley crowd of conservative extremists that attended the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) that met this weekend and which Trump canceled on at the last minute?

On Fox and Friends Trump was asked the question on people’s mind as to what he and his supporters might do if he had the plurality of delegates going into the convention but was denied the nomination.

Saturday Night Live gives its take on the primary results.

They also ran this ‘Voters for Trump’ ad.


  1. says

    The big puzzle is whether Donald Trump’s supporters will be swayed by the relentless attacks on him by the party and Washington establishment.

    The Trump voters are specifically anti-establishment. The GOP is just now only starting to realize that (which is why having Romney trash Trump was so stupid) — and the more they talk about how they want to do away with Trump the more they are showing that the game is rigged — which is exactly what Trumps’ protest voters are protesting. GOP has itself in quite a bind. The Dems have more or less the same problem, too.

    My heart bleeds for the 2 party system. Let it burn.

  2. Blood Knight in Sour Armor says

    It’s truly a wonder that the GOP didn’t figure out how Trump was appealing to their base… it’s far too late now. Unfortunately Sanders had less success so probably gonna fill out the bubble that makes sure our SCOTUS isn’t packed with Scalia clones.

  3. lorn says

    It is pretty late in the game for the GOP establishment to expect to do more than burnish Trump’s armor with the attacks. The most effective timing would have been in 2012, when Trump was trying the political thing out and proving he could swim the warm but turbulent waters of racism and misogyny.

    I find the TRUS-TED backdrop humorous. A sharp witted commenter pointed out on another forum that TRUS is the standard medical abbreviation for Trans-Rectal-Ultra-Sound.
    So … TRUS-TED translates as Trans-Rectal-Ultra-Sound Ted. The whole reference to an invasive medical diagnostic procedure involving anal probing is entirely too on-point for words when applied to Ted Cruz.

    Then again, in his Golem mind it is probably a point of pride that he, the despicable creature that he is, may be successful in maneuvering himself as the only viable alternative to Trump.

  4. Mano Singham says


    Did you accidentally write ‘burnish’ when you meant to write ‘tarnish’?

  5. moarscienceplz says has an interesting article that examines why people support Trump, why they will continue to be a force in American politics for years to come, and how they are an ill fit with the GOP establishment. It’s titled The rise of American authoritarianism.

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