Samantha Bee goes Full Frontal

Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee debuted her new weekly late night talk show Full Frontal and her opening monologue on the state of the current political race was a smash, utterly hilarious.

SamBeeseg1 by lookatmyshirt

She also showed a short film that had the feel of a eulogy for Jeb Bush.

She starts with the clip where Jeb ends a speech and there is silence and then he says “Please clap”. He sounds so pathetic that I find it painful to watch. But as someone who has given many public talks, I could point to exactly what he did wrong and that was that he did not give his audience a cue that he had finished and so they were waiting politely for more, not signaling lack of approval for his message.

I always end a talk with a firm “Thank you!” and then people know it’s over and applaud. If he had done something similar (and being a veteran politician I am surprised that he did not know this), the audience would have applauded because people are polite and they know that this is the right thing to do.

Bee also made fun of a Kansas state senator who introduced a dress code for women in legislative sessions.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    Torontonian makes good! I’ve thought she was brilliant since she was on the Daily Show.

  2. says

    being a veteran politician I am surprised that he did not know this

    He was waiting for one of his staff to light the “APPLAUSE” cue light.

    Like his brother and father, he probably doesn’t know how to shop in a store or park a car or buy his own clothes. When you’re a Bush, you have people who do that for you.

  3. Just an Organic Regular Expression says

    I watched and was thinking all the way through, “Yup, here is the true heir of Jon Stewart.” Put it on “subscribe” on the DVR.

  4. busterggi says

    Jeb! can’t be faulted for his presentation. The servants are paid to clap automatically when their boss stops speaking for two seconds or more so he expects applause at all times.

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