At last, a desk designed for really lazy people

I live a very sedentary life. Most of my working day and even leisure hours are spent seated, looking at a computer screen. News report after news report say that this can lead to all manner of physical ailments including bad posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle atrophy. But since so many jobs now involve using a computer almost all the time, what is one to do?

To combat this, various devices have come on the market that seek to counteract these negatives, such as kneeling desks, standing desks, or even desks that are attached to treadmills. And then there are various chairs that are meant to improve one’s posture, such as the one where most of your weight is on your knees. A colleague of mine used one until it caused problems with his knees.

All these devices are aimed at those health conscious people who want to be more active. But what about those of us who are incorrigibly lazy and want to reduce even the limited levels of activity we currently have? A Japanese manufacturer has recognized the existence of this niche market and designed a desk that can be used while lying down. It can even be used as a portable table.

The frame is ideal for laptops and will fit a range of models and devices. Easy to assemble and use, it even features a USB-powered fan to keep your computer cool. It is highly adjustable and can be customized to a variety of positions. And when you are between sessions, fold it down flat and carry it to where you next need it.

bed computer table

So you can lie down and work wherever you are, not just at home in your bed.

(Via Cory Doctorow)


  1. filethirteen says

    This desk would simply not work for me. I get heartburn whenever I lie down for two long and the only solution seems to be to sit up.

  2. Randomfactor says

    I essentially have this setup in my bedroom…the screen and keyboard are on a swing arm that arcs over the bed from the side. It only is accessible from my side, but I can swing it out of the way in a second to answer the call of the doorbell or of nature without shutting anything off.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    Thumbs down. You apparently have to keep your elbows in mid-air to keep your hands on the keyboard. And if I’m going to be lying down using that thing for any length of time, I want a real mouse, not a laptop track pad.

  4. MadHatter says

    This would’ve been great when I was flat on my back for months after an accident. But the keyboard setup won’t work. I had a bluetooth keyboard that rested on my stomach but even then you couldn’t really type.

  5. Trebuchet says

    @8: I was thinking the same thing. I could have used the computer without having to put on the horrible TLSO brace so I could sit up. But then, I had a smartphone which was perfectly usable for most of what I felt the need to do.

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