The things people consider entertainment

The Daily Show has an item on a bizarre ‘sport’. I have to imagine that this is one of those things that only generate interest because of the bets being placed. Take away the gambling element and would anyone watch?

The Daily Show
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  1. says

    They abuse animals for human entertainment. How is cockfighting any different than bestiality?

    I’ve been to the Philippines where cockfighting is not only legal, so is gambling on it, and it’s regularly on TV. They put sharpened metal spikes on the birds where their spurs are. I’m not going to link to pictures because they are too barbaric. The name of the informal “world championship” is enough to disgust any civilized person: the “World Slasher Cup “.

    I knew the idea of it was horrible before I ever saw it. I watched *one* fight just those who like it couldn’t say I didn’t know what it was talking about. I saw a bird slashed and then cowering in fear, the “referee” picking up the bird to try and get it to fight again to please the gamblers. Anyone who can be entertained by such brutality has issues.

  2. B Cazz says

    Cockfighting may be illegal, but it’s alive and well in many rural areas. And not just the Deep South. It’s active my area, less than 100 miles from Seattle.

    And, btw, “Chicken Boxing” isn’t dumb. It makes perfect economic sense to folks who’ve spend years, even decades, developing fighting lines of chickens. Good fighting lines can fetch $300+ per bird. With out the “game” outlet for Game Fowl, those birds don’t even make good stew.

    Legalized “Chicken Boxing” would keep the gambling going and, more importantly, allow these guys to continue breeding these lines for “legal purposes”.

    I imagine they’ll try to legalize it in Washington State sometime soon.

  3. dysomniak "They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred!" says

    It’s good that you find these things horrible, but if you eat chicken meat or eggs then you are complicit in practices that are at least as cruel. Even “cage free” is no better:

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