Reflecting the changing zeitgeist

Big corporations usually do not want to get ahead of public opinion because of fears of alienating some customers. So when one promotes a particular point of view, you know that the zeitgeist has shifted. But Verizon still deserves credit for putting out an ad that recognizes and acknowledges an issue that needs to be addressed.


  1. says

    Surprisingly good. My only criticism is that you shouldn’t be using power tools with loose hair. I remmeber what they told us in shop class.

  2. lorn says

    I love the message. Girls should be encouraged to get their hands dirty, physically engage with the world, and take reasonable risks. IMHO the classic tom-boy is far more well rounded and capable than the habitual little princess. Boys tend to beam with confidence when they learn a new skill. there is no reason for girls to be denied the same sense of mastery and accomplishment.


    Hair held safely out of the way and safety glasses are always a good idea, and remove the jewelry and necktie.

    I’ve seen hair ripped out a few times and at least one torn scalp, who knew the scalp could bleed so much, after hair got caught in heavy-duty drill.

    There have been too many cases of debris in an eye to count, most times a little blinking and perhaps some water and the offending bits fall or get washed out but a few still end up in the ER.

    I had a helper’s gold chain end up getting caught in a drill bit. He was saved when someone reached up and cut the chain. Working in a machine shop a new guy moving heavy castings had his ring crushed painfully around his finger. His finger turned blue but was restored once we cut he ring off. Jewelry is bad news.

    Any time fire is present avoid synthetic fiber clothing. Most synthetics burn rapidly and/or melt and bond with skin. Natural fibers tend to char and insulate.

    Corral the hair (beards and anything else loose that might get caught in moving parts), wear safety glasses, remove the jewelry (including watches), favor natural fiber clothing, and wear sensible shoes.

    Have a serious first aid kit handy. Make sure it has a tourniquet, heavy absorbent bandages and enough elastic or tape to hold them in place, a liter of NS and some aspirin.

    Hopefully you may never need a tourniquet or absorbent padding heavy enough to stop serious bleeding, NS to rinse caustics out of eyes or sooth burns, or aspirin as pretreatment for a heart attack but if you ever do you will need them immediately. Of course, you will also want a collection of band-aides (get the cloth type) and a needle and tweezers to pull a splinter, and other sundries normally seen in such kits, but while they are going to be what you use most, they are also addressing issues that can wait.

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    Big corporations usually do not want to get ahead of public opinion because of fears of alienating some customers.

    Corporations follow socially because they’re following the money. You don’t make money by leading unless you create a demand for what you’re selling.

    The companies that “lead” on gay rights and benefits for partners only changed their tune when it was less profitable to maintain the status quo. They only started to change decades after public views had changed.

  4. Matt G says

    A quibble: the first stat should be how many intend to pursue science/math/engineering in college, followed by those that actually do. Simply liking something is pretty washy-washy.

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