The Daily Show on the torture report

The CIA is shocked, just shocked, and even saddened that anyone would suspect them of doing something wrong and say that some low-techies may be responsible for whatever spying may have been done on the staffers of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, though they are not acknowledging that such things happened. Maybe the CIA does not hire interns, the usual underlings who are blamed for anything that goes wrong.

The Daily Show
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  1. says

    What of what the NSA has been doing lately is not a violation of the computer fraud and abuse act??
    If I installed malware on hundreds of thousands of computers, I’d be in prison for a long time.

  2. Greg says

    Because you need a security clearance to work at the CIA, interns are few and far between. The closest they probably get to an intern is a training position, where you start as a low grade federal Civil Servant, get promoted after a year, and then get another promotion after another year to the worker bee level that a majority of Civil Servants are at.

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