The Spy Who Loved Cookies

Sesame Street parodies are fun to watch and I liked this James Bond one. Note how the music is evocative of the originals without infringing on the copyright, though I doubt anyone would be so crass as to sue Sesame Street

Interestingly, this parody featured a woman as the villain and it got me to wondering if any of the villains in the Bond films had been women. I have seen many but not all of the films, and all the evildoers have been men.


  1. daved says

    I don’t think any of the Bond films have had a woman as the chief bad guy, but there have been plenty of female henchpersons, in films such as The Spy Who Loved Me (the helicopter pilot who tries to off Bond while he’s driving the submersible Lotus) and From Russia With Love (the SPECTER agent who was formerly with SMERSH).

  2. Jockaira says

    Elsa Krebs was a SMERSH assassin and Pussy Galore was in charge of Auric Goldfinger’s girl grenadiers. There may have been others but not in absolute charge of the principle evil plotting. The evil arch-protagonist Octopussy also comes to mind, she was definitely in charge. .Such wonderful women!

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    In one of the Pierce Brosnan Bond flicks (can’t remember which, but it begins with Bond trying to catch a baddie who tries to escape in a hot-air balloon and ends that scene by suicide, and climaxes with a chase scene on skis), the evil mastermind turns out to be the sexy (of course) daughter of the billionaire whose projects Bond was investigating the sabotage of.

  4. mnb0 says

    That’s The World is not Enough and the daughter is played by Sophie Marceau, one of the many excellent French actresses.

  5. Alex says

    Well Octopussy didn’t turn out to be the big bad, but she sure knew how to run an operation….

  6. Great American Satan says

    pirce & mnb0 are right, TWINE, Sophie was no henchman. They faked that Robert Carlyle was the big bad guy, but it turned out to be Sophie.

  7. says

    I just said that to be arch; I don’t really care or mean to cast asparagus.

    People spend way too much time on the sexuality of a goofy bureaucrat’s fictional sexual fantasies.

  8. Mano Singham says

    There are plenty of female baddies in Bond films. The question is whether they they were the top baddy.

  9. Silentbob says

    Pierce (@3) wins. Elektra King was the top baddie in The World is Not Enough (1999), although that’s saved for a twist near the end of the picture.

    Special mention to Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love (1963). Technically, her boss Blofeld (“Number One”) was the top baddie but we never actually see his face. Klebb (“Number Three”) is the top baddie that Bond actually confronts and defeats.

  10. daved says

    I could never decide if she was supposed to be the top baddy or whether she was more of a co-equal. After all, she gets killed before the end of the movie, which is where the top baddy is normally dispatched (even if he or she re-emerges in the next movie anyway).

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