Pandering to extreme religion for votes

Bill Di Blasio won the Democratic primary for the mayoralty of New York City and will likely be elected mayor in the general election. He is reputedly a progressive who has opposed things like the random ‘stop and frisk’ tactic by police that targeted young men of color and was favored by outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But while Di Blasio seemed to be the best among the Democratic candidates, he is clearly not above pandering to some of the city’s most extreme Jewish religious fanatics such as the ultra-orthodox Satmar Hasidics in his effort to gain votes. He praised the schools run some by them and promised them financial aid even though they graduate people who know practically nothing outside of religious dogma.

But even worse, he apparently promised to repeal the city ordinance that requires parents to give informed consent to the dangerous and disgusting practice of rabbis sucking the bleeding penis of a circumcised infant. The ordinance did not ban the practice but merely required that parents be told of the health risks and give written consent before it could be carried out. But the religious leadership did not want even that restriction.

I can understand politicians making bland statements about religion in order not to offend voters. But to support such terrible schools and practices is going too far.


  1. says

    It is going too far because we do not see the other things as going too far and tolerate that. So the wingnuts move us ever so slightly more to the right.

    Being a Democrat does not immunize you against god-bothering. Ken Ham got a subsidy for his creation theme park/museum/church/ARK… from a Democrat governor.

    Obama was inaugurated with the gay-bashing Rick Warren at his side. His DoJ has filed an amicus brief to allow prayers at the start government meetings.

  2. colnago80 says

    If Di Blasio is, in fact, advocating such policies, he is unfit for the office. I said at the time that Mayor Bloomberg’s law requiring parental consent for sucking mohels did not go nearly far enough and should have been banned the practice absolutely, no ifs, buts, or maybes. In fact, I would make it a felony.

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