1. AsqJames says

    Poor old Chuck Windsor – the revelations about his meddling in government affairs, and his clownish support for cobblers like homeopathy, combined with the public’s almost complete lack of any idea about his mum’s opinions on anything except horses and hunting, mean he’s currently getting an awful lot of flack without even the dubious pleasure of having the top job. Or indeed any job really – he’s not even required to stay alive until mummy pops her clogs any more as we’ve got the next 2 generations already in place.

    Incidentally, he’ll be 65 (retirement age) this year and, apart from his brief stint in the RN, hasn’t had a proper job in his life. I know you get palaces and servants and all sorts, but in this age of modern medicine and long life expectancy, monarchy does seem almost as cruel a joke on the monarch’s family as it is ridiculously anti-meritocratic.

  2. says

    Celebrating the birth of the royal baby, people seem to forget that that child has little choice in live – you love him, but he will do exactly what you expect of him.

  3. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Unless Queenie abdicates, Charlie isn’t in the same predicament as Popey; a fairer comparison would be with David Moyes taking over at Manchester United with God Sir Alex still wandering the corridors of Old Trafford.
    I’d rather be in Popey’s shoes than Moyes’.

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