Thieves with a conscience

Here’s a heartwarming story.

Some burglars broke into an office in San Bernadino that provides services for victims of sexual assault and took away all the computers. The non-profit office has no sign on the door in order to protect the people who seek its help. But the thieves later apparently discovered the nature of the work that the office did, and on the following morning they broke into the same offices again and returned all the stuff along with a handwritten note of apology.

Here’s the video.

If only the executives of big banks had a fraction of the conscience of these common thieves.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    If only some male ‘skeptics’ had a fraction of their conscience and compassion.

  2. MarkF says

    Then why take the computers at all? You can install malware by accident in a matter of seconds. There’s no reason to take the computers off-site. I’d really like to cling to the belief that this is a purely non-malevolent act.

    That said, I agree that scanning for keyloggers and such is very prudent.

  3. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    If you want to play with bigger pictures or potential conspiracies, maybe the theft and return is a cover for something else. Keyloggers, etc., found to be installed during the absence of the machines may only be a distraction. Perhaps they already have what they really wanted.

    It’s nice if the thieves really returned the items to “someone poorer off than they”, though.

  4. robb says

    i am not so impressed.

    the thieves ended the note wtih “God Bless” which seems to indicate they are religious, most likely christian.

    what is that 8th commandment again?

    thieves with hearts of gold are still thieves.

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