Keith Ellison celebrates Minnesota’s acceptance of gay marriage

As of midnight last night, same-sex couples in Minnesota and Rhode Island could get married and gay Minnesotans have been marrying up a storm. You can see pictures of happy couples here.

Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison celebrated the event in song.

Ellison is an African-American Muslim. Both those communities have been among those most resistant to homosexuality and same-sex marriage so his warm and enthusiastic embrace of this development is heartening.


  1. slc1 says

    It should be pointed out that the Congressman is a native born American who converted to Islam.

  2. dano says

    Anyone have any idea when I can marry a 2nd wife in mn? I wonder if my cleaning lady would be up for it? Then again how about 3? How about my 69 roadrunner?

  3. slc1 says

    Ah gee, another moron with his slippery slope argument. Actually dano would probably be happier if he/she married his/her dog.

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