1. leftwingfox says

    I think he missed an opportunity with panel 9: Lindsay Graham’s support of wiretapping, after being terrified of a possible gun registry.

  2. kyoseki says

    There’s a difference between being afraid of a gun registry and realizing that supporting one is an unpopular political decision (and then hiding that realization behind hysteria, which is what I’m sure that the southern belle is doing).

    … and while we can all pretty much agree that said hysteria is pretty much laughable (as is the idea of an armed populace overthrowing the gubment), if you accept that the idea behind the 2nd amendment is to give the populace the means to overthrow the government, then you can appreciate the idea that a gun registry would run counter to that – yes, yes, I know that the entire premise of the 2nd amendment is fundamentally laughable, but the fact remains that it’s a part of the Constitution so you don’t get to ignore it just because it’s inconvenient – evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

    Someone on Calguns actually came up with a pretty interesting idea that supported universal background checks whilst still protecting everyone from the evils of a national gun registry – in essence, it involves people submitting to background checks in order to obtain some form of authorization that can be tied to a QR code, the seller simply scans the QR code which ties into an ATF/FBI run website and confirms that the buyer is eligible to purchase a firearm, but it doesn’t require any kind of central registry.

    … of course, the NRA will, no doubt, decry this as the end of the world, as usual, but I think the fundamental idea is sound.

    As an aside, it’s generally my experience that the NRA exists almost solely as a fundraising mechanism based on hysteria and disinformation (and, for some reason, a wine club and what appears to be a gun/knife equivalent to the skymall catalog), but other than changing the people in charge, I’m honestly not sure how that’s likely to change.

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