Orly of Arc

You would think that with Barack Obama’s re-election, those who had sought to deny his legitimacy to hold the office for the last four years would have finally given up. But you would be wrong because they are convinced that they are fighting for truth and justice and have a tenacity that defies all reason. And in this cause, lo! lawyer/dentist/real estate agent/Birther Queen Orly Taitz’s name, like Abou Ben Adhem‘s, leads all the rest.

Image by Paul Bersebach/MCT/Orange County Register

Image by Paul Bersebach/MCT/Orange County Register

As regular readers know, I am obsessed with Orly Taitz. When we last checked in on my heroine, Orly had been defied once again by a treasonous judge in her attempt to obtain access to Barack Obama’s application to Occidental College, a crucial piece of evidence that she felt would conclusively prove that he was a Kenyan usurper who had no right to hold the office of the presidency.

But nothing deters our crusader and in her search for that one honest judge she returned to a different court, this time to try and stop the vote counting in the Electoral College. But sadly, once again she faced a US District Judge Morrison C. England Jr who was clearly part of the Obama conspiracy.

In an argument that England noted Taitz has pursued 13 previous times in court, she sought to present evidence that the president’s birth certificate is a forgery.

“It’s a joke,” she told the judge. “It’s not even a good forgery.”

She added that the president is using a stolen Social Security number, that Obama may not really be his last name and that, basically, he has no right to serve, “not (as) president, not a janitor in the office of president.”

This time she had come to court with a posse and they were clearly in the mood to revolt. They were not fooled by the claims of Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Olsen that the issue of the birth certificate was settled, responding to that statement with ‘derisive chuckles’. They also clearly felt that they, and not the judge, had the right to make the rules about how the court should operate.

Taitz did try to present two witnesses, including one she said she had paid to fly in from Florida, but the judge noted that his order for the hearing allowed only oral arguments.

Taitz spent much of the hearing arguing over that point. The audience became restless, with one man wearing a gray blazer and blue jeans eventually standing up in the front row as if to offer his own argument.

“Sit down,” England sternly ordered.

He did, and a court security officer moved closer to him.

“There is absolutely no way that this case will survive the challenge it faces,” [England] said.

The reaction from courtroom watchers was unmistakable. “Mockery,” one man shouted as he stormed out, followed by another who was holding his nose.

“That really stinks,” he proclaimed.

Do not fear, Orly! It looks like the masses are behind you, ready to rise up and overthrow the usurper. Take inspiration from Joan of Arc and restore the Dauphin (in this case Mitt Romney) to his rightful place as ruler of the nation. Ignore those who would point out that Joan’s quest did not meet a happy end.

But whatever you do, I really would recommend that first you might want to improve your website. It is a mess. It is hard to know what the hell is going on by reading it.

But Orly is not the only one pursuing her vision of restoring the rightful order. Over in the fevered swamps of World Net Daily Craige McMillan has an even more original plan to stop Obama at the eleventh hour. He has written an open letter to US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts asking him to refuse to administer the oath of office to Obama, thus preventing him from assuming the presidency. He warns Roberts that if he does not do so, he himself will face impeachment down the road for violating his oath to uphold the constitution.

I wonder why no one had thought of that before.


  1. intergalacticmedium says

    It really is admirable in a way, such determination must be liberating in a way, to be so absolutely certain.

  2. slc1 says

    Over in the fevered swamps of World Net Daily Craige McMillan has an even more original plan to stop Obama at the eleventh hour. He has written an open letter to US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts asking him to refuse to administer the oath of office to Obama, thus preventing him from assuming the presidency.

    As I pointed out in a comment on Ed Brayton’s blog, there is no requirement that the chief justice administer the oath. Even if Roberts declined to do so, any of the other justices (e.g. Sonia Sotomayor) could administer the oath. The ignorance of these schmucks is mind boggling.

  3. Mr Ed says

    Maybe this is just Fox news Corps latest product, they are bringing back the radio drama. “tune in again next week when Orly and her posse of good take on the evil Barack and his goon judges. Remember to shop a gold.com for the upcoming liberal apocalypse.”

    She just seems like one of those over dramatic radio shows from the thirties.

  4. garnetstar says

    What did Orly used to do with her time before Obama came onto her radar screen? Surely she didn’t just pursue her ordinary day jobs, they could not possibly be exciting enough to hold her attention.

    What other Holy Crusades has she led?

  5. Mano Singham says

    It’s quite possible she had none. Sometimes people go through life doing normal stuff and then suddenly something turns up that strikes a chord and they get so passionate about it that it becomes an obsession and their life’s work.

  6. richardrobinson says

    But having been appointed by Obama, Sotomayor’s seat is also illegitimate. Or so I imagine McMillan’s reasoning would go. Of course even Scalia or Alito could probably muster the ounce of human decency and common sense to do the job if Roberts couldn’t.

  7. slc1 says

    In that case, Ginsburg or Breyer could administer the oath. Actually, a notary public could administer the oath (Calvin Coolidge had the oath administered by his father who was a notary public).

  8. says

    I feel bad for our physics students who are taught by you. You have shown to them that instead of reading the truthful account in the transcript or audio tape of the hearing, they shouls act as complete idiots, repeat totally untrue statements, not read the witness testimony, not read the affidavits from the deportation officer and chief investigator of the US coast guard and then they will believe that this criminal with forged IDs and a stolen CT SSN Barack Obama is legitimate.
    I am sure your students also believe that the sun revolves around planet Earth.
    If they want proof and truthful information, hey should go to my website OrlyTaitzESQ.com, see the evidence and they will join me not only in the upcoming hearing before the Supreme Court of te US on Obama’s legitimacy, they will be joining me in demanding criminal prosecution of Obama

  9. Nathan & the Cynic says

    Even if Obama’s had been born in Kenya with a Kenyan father, wouldn’t he still be eligible because his mother was an American citizen? I haven’t anyone claim that she wasn’t…

  10. Mano Singham says

    Yes, but it is a little complicated. I’ll explain tomorrow on Sunday Monday. I apologize for shifting the date again.

  11. garnetstar says

    Hi Orly,

    How did you come to be involved in the birther movement? And, what evidence convinced you that the birth certificate and SSN are faked? I would read your site, but Mano says it’s confusing and difficult to understand what you’re saying there.

    Have you ever been involved in a crusade before this one?

  12. slc1 says

    I strongly suggest that anyone going to Orly’s website have very good virus detection software installed and kept up to date. As I understand it, her site is infested with computer viruses so go their at your own risk.

  13. slc1 says

    In response to Orly’s comment, I totally fail to understand what she expects the courts to do, even in the very unlikely event that there was some substance to her claims. perfectly clear that the courts have no authority to remove the president from office, Even if they found in her favor; that power is delegated to the Congress, via the impeachment process.

  14. slc1 says

    Yes, Dr. Taitz, the Moldovan masturbator, is truly a source of infinite levity.
    As Ed Brayton puts it, one of the three most incompetent attorneys in practice, along with Larry Klayman and Matt Staver.

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