The WikiLeaks model expands, sort of

WikiLeaks put the mainstream media in a bind. They benefited hugely from all the information that was released but at the same time they were embarrassed by using as a source a news organization that the US government hated.

Now the Wall Street Journal has started its own website aimed at getting whistleblower information in the same way as WIkiLeaks. But since they see themselves as ‘good’ journalists (i.e., subservient to the US government and oligarchy), they have inserted a clause saying that they will share any information with the government and other authorities. Hence their approach will likely fail.

But what this does reveal is what I have been saying all along, that the WikiLeaks model is the future of journalism.


  1. says

    The wikileaks model doesnt expand -- its done now, cause half of the people that worked with wl are in prison now and the other half starts the same thing over again.
    Its no good thing that wallstreet journal is founding its own service -- cause they can and will use censorship on this

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