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    Dawkins idea had always been a wild guessing. It is even nearer to believe there is a creator than to believe this theory. So how is it that our body parts is beautifully arranged? Men and women really looks beautiful. So how is it that we don’t have a nose of a dog or a pig, and how is it that we don’t have ears of a dog. Isn’t that better to have those parts because it is very helpful to smell more and to hear more sensitively and why the evolution? didn’t follow it so we can hunt more food?

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    Because the use of their eye was what natural selection worked on in the evolution of the birds of prey. You think evolution has a fixed goal, the bird has a better eye than us, so we should be on our way to evolve into birds? I don’t see how you can get to that conclusion if you know anything about evolution.

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    Great Richard Dawkins as usual..but what if all is just a simulation ? what we can see are just electric impulz what our brain we can know all around us is real…

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