The Daily Show on Andrew Shirvell

Some time ago, I posted about this creepy guy who is the assistant attorney general of the state of Michigan who seems obsessed with the gay president of the University of Michigan student government, to the point of stalking him. Now Jason Jones of The Daily Show has done a segment on him and he seems to be, unbelievably, even creepier than I thought.

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What intrigues me is how he got his job in the first place. I have interviewed many people for jobs and if some guy like this had turned up before me, red flags would have been flying immediately. His whole shifty-eyed, evasive manner just screams that he has serious personality issues that would make him abrasive to his co-workers or to the public he deals with, quite apart from his views on gays.

There must have been plenty of applicants for a desirable job like his so what made people select him?

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