A Trivial Statics Library

A while back I wrote that I’d have some posts about some C++ code that I was working on, but then cancer got in the way.

I’ll begin with an open-source library of abecedarian statistics functions, just the minimum, maximum, median, mean, variance and standard deviation of data points that are strongly ordered.  I started with just standard containers of built-in numeric types, but quickly went over the top trying to make the library as generic as possible while keeping it simple for the built-in types.  I was basically just having fun with that.

[user documentationdoc., code and license]

I’ll have the next couple of weeks free, so I’ll try to get more examples ready for posting.  I’ve written:

– A program for generating Amtrak timetables.

– A program for analyzing on-time performance of Amtrak trains.

– A program for guessing the likelihood of making connections between Amtrak trains.

And in support of a database access library that I’m writing:

– An unbounded integer type.

– A big decimal type.

– A preliminary design for an SQL database of Amtrak trains to test it.

The database access library is nowhere near being ready for prime time yet, but I have some preliminary user documentation for the current design.

If there’s any interest, I might stick it all out on github Real Soon Now.


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