It’s Official

I’ll be hosting a meeting of the ISO standards committee that I serve on.

It took a little longer to set up than I had expected; but our meetings can be a little complicated.  (I hope the hotel’s sales rep. didn’t get too exasperated with me.  I try to not be one of those 20% of customers they spend 80% of their time with; but details, details don’tcha know.)

We’re expecting to have about a hundred people show up with maybe twenty or thirty more Zooming in.  The meetings are scheduled for five and a half days with Monday and Saturday mornings being plenary sessions where we handle a variety of administrivia and take formal votes.  The committee’s real work is done in smaller breakout groups, some of the groups dealing with as many as twenty or so papers during the week.

I’m looking forward to actually hosting a meeting.  I’ve gotten a great deal more from my participation than I’ve given over the years; and now that I’m retired and getting older, I think it’s time for some payback.


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