Under the Influence – An Amazingly Good Radio Show about Advertising

There are only a few radio shows I listen to regularly, but one of them is “Under the Influence”on CBC, an amazingly good show about advertising, hosted by Terry O’Reilly. I recommend it. O’Reilly may have a kind of whiny voice, but he seems to possess detailed knowledge about all facets of advertising, and he paints great pictures with his descriptions.

The latest show is about business-to-business advertising, and features a couple of famous commercials I had never seen before: the Jean-Claude van Damme ad for Volvo, and the “herding cats” ad for EDS.

Do you know any niche radio shows that are exceptionally good?


  1. Golgafrinchan Captain says

    I’ve always intended to listen to Under the Influence; they frequently have ads for it in the preamble to Quirks and Quarks (also on CBC and I highly recommend it).

    Another podcast I can’t say enough good things about is Reasonable Doubts (co-FTB’ers) Unfortunately, they ended the podcast recently, but there are lots of back episodes to enjoy. If nothing else, google “reasonable doubts logos”. They made a bizarro world Cosmos, hosted be Reverend Sagan and funded by the Discovery Institute. It came from a podcast episode but one of them turned it into a youtube video.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Can I recommend “More Or Less”, available as a podcast from the BBC. It’s broadcast in the UK on Radio 4 and in smaller chunks on the World Service. It’s on iTunes for free. It takes a critical look at statistics from the headlines, e.g. is 2016 really unusual in the number of celebrities who’ve died? Is there a “curse” on athletes who competed at the Olympics in 2012 – are they dying unusually often and young? And so on. Check it out.

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