Hey! I was into cephalopods long before they were cool!

I’m feeling a little hipster resentment here — all these nouveau poulpe crashing into my internet turf. But oh, OK, this new blog on SciAm called Octopus Chronicles looks good, and you know I’m never going to abandon the molluscs in a snit over all the other people fascinated by them. There’s room for all of us.

While we’re relishing the expanding cephalopodian nature of the internet, check out the octopus having dinner on the move — it’s wonderfully amoeboid and slithery.

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Acceptance at last?

There’s something really notable about this image. Most cartoons feature the octopus as the villain; this one has the cephalopod representing the good guys, the 99%, strangling the villainous mammal. It breaks the stereotype!


Is it weird that I identified with the mollusc and felt a little happy uplift when I saw that?

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Hunting shrimp

Watch the cuttlefish stalking shrimp, cautiously advancing by walking on a couple of arms — it almost looks like a tetrapod for a few moments. And then, finally, the lightning-fast strike. Oh, man, I wish I had a retractable spear built into my face. There are so many occasions when that would come in handy.

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