Christ-centered and cross-focused

Sorry about the earlier confusion, but it turns out the interview on Lutheran talk radio this morning was recorded and broadcast in the afternoon. But you can listen to the archive now.

They seemed nice. I hope they didn’t pull a Ray Comfort on me; let me know if the recording has me praising Jesus and professing my love of the Lutheran church.

Also, I’m done with classes for the day. Time to stagger home and vegetate.

Hanging out with desert kit foxes

What, what time is it? July? Hell.

I have some catching up to do around here.

While I get less threadrupt, if any of you are available for and interested in a G+ hangout with the Desert Kit Fox project I wrote about this morning earlier this week, back in May, we’ll be doing one at 8:15 PM California time today. Dipika Kadaba and her team will be out at a field study area in the gathering dark, demonstrating how they’re using their drone at night to detect kit fox dens using IR videography. We did a dry run last night and it was impressive.

To join, you can check out my profile here.

I’ll post the youtube version after the show. Here it is:

By the way, if you were meaning to contribute to the Desert Kit Fox Project’s Indiegogo fund, you’ve still got four days to do it. And they’re slightly less than halfway to their goal.

Tonight, on the Nones

I’ll be joining Lilandra and Shayrah on The Nones podcast this evening, along with a few others.

PZ Myers of Pharyngula, Vic Wang of Houston Atheists, and Neeley Rebel Fluke of Orange County Freethought Alliance, and the mister Aron Ra will join Shayrah and me on the n0nes today at 8:00 PM CST. We will be discussing just who is scientifically inept Ken Ham or us. (Hint it isn’t us) We’ll also be further discussing what we are planning to do about Ham’s visit to Houston homeschoolers to hawk Young Earth Creationism as science. 

I think we’ll be making mocking chicken noises in the direction of Answers in Genesis.

We’re hanging out! Come join us!

We’re starting up soon. If you were hooked up earlier, hang up and rejoin — I had to restart the whole shebang.

And here we are! We had a full house at the end.

I had hoped to get Ophelia Benson (we had technical difficulties there) and Michael Nugent (who is celebrating his birthday, and so had better things to do) online to talk about the Dublin conference coming up, but Michael did send some comments about their plans.

  • The national context in which it will take place is that there are conflicting campaigns in ireland to liberalise and restrict our laws against abortion, and our parliament is preparing to vote on a very restrictive availability of abortion where there is a risk to the life of a pregnant woman. This is the culmination (so far) of three decades of campaigning, and it is only a very small first step in what will still be a lengthy campaign for abortion rights.

  • The international context will cover the different and overlapping issues faced by women in democracies and theocracies around the world, and how we can work together and build alliances to tackle these issues collectively.

  • The conference will be quite structured, in that each session (religious laws, reproductive rights, violence against women, building alliances etc) will have as its focus preparing a contribution on that issue to a Declaration on Empowering Women Through Secularism that will be adopted on the Sunday.

  • Finally, the conference coincides with Dublin’s annual gay pride festival, so it will be a fun weekend to be in ireland!

Google+ Hangout, Saturday, 10am Central

Let’s talk. I’ve just gotten home from a couple of conferences, so maybe we could discuss the recent disgruntlement emerging from Women in Secularism 2, or how the humanists at the IHEU seem to be mostly doing it right. We also have Empowering Women Through Secularism coming up in late June in Dublin — anyone else going? What are your expectations? Or if there’s something else you consider important, sure, bring it up. This is to be a casual conversation between pals over my morning tea.

If you’ve already participated in one of these, I’ve already got your name in a circle and you’ll get an invite — if not, email me your Google+ ID so I can add you.

Talking about bad science

We’re doing it on youtube right now. I’m watching comments there as they emerge as well.

And here it is, if you missed it:

Subjects discussed:

Sharon Begley’s placebo article:

Steven Novella on the placebo:

Energy drinks:

Mark Lynas on GMOs:

The Ars Technica review of Ben Goldacre’s book, Bad Pharma

Silencing and shaming to suppress abortion: