1. matthewfiore says

    “My favorite comment: “How did we end up with a country in which feminists do science?””

    Apparently, the answer is (tragically) “By the skin of our teeth.”

  2. Silentbob says

    Seens like the question should be, why would anyone capable of science not be a feminist?

    (Also, thanks for not replacing the cute squidy character in your comment box with some terrifying tarantula. X-D

  3. drew says

    No Biology Prof takedown of “the man is the alpha and the woman is the beta?”

    That’s a typical conservative understanding of science, IMHO.

  4. StevoR says

    Questions you can easily answer by googling, Alex? / (Jeopardy quiz show format.)

    Among others :

    Also For Fucks Sake.

    Just For fuck’s sake. These Fucking People..

    What century are we in again?

    (Yeah, I could google or glance at a calendar but not sure I’d believe it becoz, well, the OP here and yeah rhetorical and depressing question and, just WTF.. FFS. ) Weren’t we meant to be better than and over this shit already by now?

  5. StevoR says

    Boiled down or left to brew and be steeped in, Faux news and all Murdoch media generally is a mind-killer. A toxic mind rotter and poison. Baffling to me how it has had so much influence and power for so long and continues to do so..

    What the Fuck is so wrong with so many that they cannot see this reality?

    What is so wrong with govts that they don’t move to shut it down?

  6. says

    Everything in that video was a “typical conservative understanding of science.” If I tried to address it all, I’d still be writing.

  7. cheerfulcharlie says

    And who can forget Lush Rimjob’s “Feminazis!” “Hur, hur, hur! Lush said “Feminazis! Say Feminazis again Lush! Megadittos!”.

    This little supercut demonstrates faux Noise and MAGAts are misogynists to the core.

    From The Hill
    Seventy-seven percent of Generation Z voters said they voted for a Democratic candidate for Congress, compared to only 21 percent who said they voted for a Republican, according to a Pew Research study released late last year.

    Female generation Z voters are eventually going to let their disgust at these right winged misogynists be known at the voting booth.

  8. cheerfulcharlie says

    “My favorite comment: “How did we end up with a country in which feminists do science?””
    – P.Z. Myers

    Recently, women have outnumbered men in applying for college and getting degrees. Men out number women is American prisons. Republicans think a college education is bad, it turns people into liberals and atheists. Discouraging right winged women from higher education. I strongly suspect that liberal women will be dominating STEM in future decades if hese trends continue.

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