The word of the day must be “mismanagement”

I’m not going to mourn the demise of this organization, though: Project Veritas is dead. Dead, dead, dead.

Project Veritas, the conservative organization founded by James O’Keefe, suspended all operations on Wednesday after another round of layoffs, Mediaite has learned.

According to a letter titled “Reduction in Force” that was sent to Project Veritas staffers by HR director Jennifer Kiyak on Wednesday, the organization is putting all operations on pause amidst severe financial woes.

The rat-faced scumbag who built the organization lie by lie was already out, and is pretending he had nothing to do with the collapse. It was the other guy. Except, of course, that O’Keefe was the one who established the principles of pseudo-journalism and fraud that formed the foundation of Project Veritas.

O’Keefe, a right-wing activist who gained fame and notoriety for his sting operations against liberal groups, launched Project Veritas in 2010. He left the organization earlier this year amid allegations of improper spending of funds on personal luxuries. He was replaced by Giles as CEO, who has overseen the rapid decline of the once well-funded group that has in recent months struggled with layoffs, the resignations of board members, and fundraising struggles.

Earlier this month, Mediaite reported on an internal meeting during which Giles said the organization was “bankrupt.”

Huh. Go anti-woke, go broke, I guess.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    I was very upset when the Democrats and others threw victims of Veritas under the bus instead of standing up for the truth.

  2. david says

    They’re a one-trick pony, and once the scam was uncovered they lost value for their funding sources. The money behind them hasn’t disappeared, it will only ooze laterally and appear somewhere else, in a more sophisticated and poisonous disguise.

  3. StevoR says

    “Project Veritas” huh. If ever something wa s misnamed and the opposite of what its name suggested.

    Of course that’s something the reich-wing regularly does with words liek “family” änd Patriot”and “freedom” being so often thrown around and applied by thm as names to grouops that are opposed to families, patriotism in its better senses, freedom, etc..

  4. seversky says

    First Uncommon Descent now Project Veritas. The cracks are widening. Now, if we could just get a torpedo into that Ark …

  5. cheerfulcharlie says

    It gets better. Project Veritas is now suing James O’Keefe, according to the Daily Beast. Using Veritas as his private piggy bank, poaching Veritas supporters to start a rival business and more.

    Lawyers gonna be expensive.