1. Tethys says

    My neighbors chickens ensure I have an annoyance of blowflies, which obviously have plenty of nitrogen rich substances to lay eggs on.

    I also wouldn’t recommend breeding filth flies, though they do serve an important role in decomposition. I’m surprised that they find tofu an acceptable egg laying surface.

  2. says

    Meanwhile, Dutch Steve Irwin clone Freek Vonk has let a botfly larvae that he had locked up on his latest travels, hatch from his leg.

  3. says

    I am sorry to report that YouTube is informing me that Fewer regular viewers are choosing to watch this video.

    Like, duh. I did not expect a quick blip of a video to be a global phenomenon.

  4. larpar says

    PZ, how many fewer views? I’ve watched it multiple times and can handle many more.
    I worked for a guy that had 4 units just like yours. He used them for restaurant waste. I used a long pole to open the lids then whack the sides a couple times to disperse the residents before adding new waste.