An interesting infographic

Except…what does it mean? Biden is our oldest president, but Reagan was second oldest — there’s something to chew on here for both conservatives and liberals.

I think we should judge candidates on their individual merits. You can be old and competent, but you can also be a youthful 70-year-old boob.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Maybe I should run, see if I can ruin Harrison’s record by resigning…
    But, I’d share one characteristic with Trump, being unique unsuited for office. The difference being, I know it and wouldn’t want to set myself and my nation up for failure by staying there, if I somehow fouled up and ended up in office.

  2. robro says

    OT…the NYT and WaPo are announcing that Fox says Tucker Carlson is leaving the network…actually “has left” because his last show was Friday.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Tucker Carlson’s last day at Fox was last Friday.
    I imagine other costly individuals will be getting an escort by security from the building soon.

  4. raven says

    OT…the NYT and WaPo are announcing that Fox says Tucker Carlson is leaving the network…actually “has left” because his last show was Friday.

    This could be used as evidence that the gods exist.

    Tucker Carlson is truly one of the world’s most horrible people.
    Among his tells is that he is pro-Russian genocide of Ukraine and the Ukrainians.
    So why is he leaving?
    I thought being a horrible person was a feature not a bug for Fox NoNews.

    Tucker Carlson Infecting Republican Minds About Putin

    Business Insider › Politics › Media

    Feb 2, 2023 — Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he’s “horrified” by how the Fox News host is able to distort Republican perspectives on Vladimir …

  5. birgerjohansson says

    wzrd1 @ 3
    I feel like the days Margaret Thatcher and Pinochet died.

  6. robro says

    wzrd1 @ #1 — You’re already well ahead of Chump, of course, because his ego would never let thoughts of “failure” or “foul up” enter his brain and influence a decision. It’s part of his cursory training in Norman Vincent Peale’s “positive thinking” shtick.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    wzrd1- if you run for PM in Britain your lack of experience would not be a problem.
    One of your predecessors
    As long as you don’t outright lie, cheat and steal (and don’t throw f*cking things at the civil servants, like one of the did) you will raise the bar.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    One of the PMs (bojo, who else) read a document about likely future covid deaths and misunderstood it by a factor of 100.
    I don’t think he has reached 60 years.
    Just appoint PMs by lot and the quality will go up.

  9. markp8703 says

    This Limey hadn’t heard of William Henry Harrison and his brief tenure until I saw your graphic.

    Last year saw Liz Truss become the British Prime Minister.

    Eighteen days or so after taking office, she and her chancellor announced a “mini-budget” that promptly tanked the economy. Forty five days after becoming PM she resigned, to start the rounds of professionally whining about how her policies were right but hadn’t been given the chance to work.

    At least WHH had a good reason to leave office.

  10. beholder says

    Except…what does it mean?

    Biden’s age can be a useful marker to consider, alongside the Democratic Party’s refusal to make popular appeals to the American public and the obscene wealth inequality between the ruling elite and almost everyone else, that Biden is the pinnacle of a gerontocratic system that is out of touch with the needs and wishes of the people he nominally represents. We see it on issues of climate change, the threat of world war, education offered only to the wealthy elite, the collapse of a middle class standard of living, the collapse of healthcare, and so much else; these guys don’t care if they set the world on fire, because they won’t have to pick up the pieces.

  11. Reginald Selkirk says

    OK, so Biden is old. Using coffin nails as your graph symbol seems a bit negative.

  12. says

    It isn’t age in itself I’m concerned about. It’s how completely they are owned by big, dark and corporate money. The democrap party is corporate corruption almost as much as the repugnantcants. They care only about money and power and will destroy their own chances just to prevent any decent caring progressive candidate (often with some very positive dem. socialist tendencies) from winning. Welcome to the bipartisan apocalypse!

  13. says

    OT about Frucker Carlson, I suspect that he was canned because of his lawsuit magnetism coupled with the fact that he doesn’t bring in any PAYING sponsors. We’ll see.

  14. robro says

    More OT on new personalities…According to CNN, they and their star Don Lemon are “parting ways.” I don’t know Don Lemon too well having only seen snippets here and there.

  15. Louis says

    These elderly people should not be president, they have no understanding or interest in the needs of the younger elements of their population. Why here is Britain we have relatively young leaders in their 40s and 50s and nothing has gone wrong here…

    …Okay. Just disproved myself.

    Carry on.


  16. birgerjohansson says

    Instead of low age, we should insist candidates take the Vought-Kampff test.
    And the tests used to identify psychopaths.
    And have a transparent economy.
    And not have accepted corporate donations during the last decade.
    -If they have paid homeless people to fight as gladiators they should automatically be disqualified.

  17. says

    I’m not worried about him if he gets elected. Even if he dies in office I trust Harris to be a competent replacement. The problem arises if he dies or is incapacitated during the campaign.

    I held my breath that RBG would last long enough. I’ve been holding my breath since Feinstein was reelected. Those two did not turn out well.

    I don’t want to hold my breath for a Biden political campaign! The Democrats really need to find someone younger who can win. Beating Trump shouldn’t be that hard if the candidate just survives the campaign!

  18. StevoR says

    Its official now :

    With both gerontocratic candidates from both gerontocratic parties being that old it could be we get a double fatality with both Biden and Trump dying after getting their nominations. Or before or even during.. It does seem reasonable to say that younger people should get the nod ahead not least because the policies they make will affect people for long into a future that won’t have either of them in it. Unless cryogenic freezing for humans really does turn out to work & soon..

    Anyone else recall all the too old jokes made about Bob Dole back when he was up against Bill Clinton in 1996?

    See :

    Funny now to recall Dole was a relatively spritely 73 years, 1 month – albiet Reagun was 73 years, 6 months in 1984 when he got his second nom.


  19. KG says

    What happens if a candidate dies during the campaign? Can they be elected anyway? Does their running mate get to step up? Or is this, as I suspect, a matter determined at state level? StevoR’s speculation@19 about both Biden and Trump turning up their toes during the campaign is by no means far-fetched – not statistically likely, admittedly, but longer odds are beaten every day!