The right-wing wackaloon temper tantrum against…beer?

The latest enemy du jour for the MAGAts is, surprisingly, beer. Apparently Anheuser-Busch, the maker of cheap swill, has hired Dylan Mulvaney, a trans woman and Tik-Tok influencer, to represent their brand, and now various posturing macho twits are destroying their cases of Budweiser in protest. Do we need to mention that they’ve gone out and bought beer that they then destroy, and Anheuser-Busch really doesn’t care if you spill their product on the ground, or if you filter it through your liver first before peeing it out? Probably not, thoughts like that are beyond them.

Anyway, Kid Rock aka Robert James Ritchie aka that annoying pimp for Trump marched out with his big guns and shot at a couple of cases at close range, and missed half of them. He had a buddy with a shotgun shooting at them at the same time, presumably as backup in case one tried to escape, and he missed, too. His firearms technique got some helpful criticism…from a woman. That’s gotta sting.

But I did serve in the Army, in the infantry, and I was actually raised in the South around firearms, and as a woman who has fired plenty of assault rifles and machine guns in my lifetime, I’m happy to offer Mr. Ritchie some guidance.

As you can see in the video, Mr. Ritchie, no more than 20 yards away from his targets, practically point-blank range with that kinda weapon, struggles mightily to take down the cases of Bud Light. In fact, after his tantrum, two of the cases are still completely upright, barely even touched.

Sorry, that’s a tad inaccurate because it wasn’t just him firing. Although Mr. Ritchie implies in the video that he’s the only one shooting, one of his buddies is actually off-camera, just to the right of the frame, firing what appears to be a shotgun — given away by three blasts that nick the left side of the table and land in the lake behind it.

So, between the two of them combined, from 20 yards away, well… let’s just say these two gentleman should stick to their day jobs.

What day jobs? The last time Kid Rock was popular was in the 1990s, and he’s just coasting now on the royalties from a few hit songs that I couldn’t even name.


  1. chrislawson says

    Hit songs that sampled other people’s riffs. (Not against sampling per se, but when the only good thing about a song is its sample, it doesn’t say much for the writer.)

  2. stuffin says

    I was trained to fire a weapon by the United States Marine Corps. One bullet, one death was our Drill Instructors motto. Makes me sad to see these amateurs pretending to something they are not. 20 yards and missing? That is an embarrassment and they shouldn’t have even posted it.

  3. says

    I’m happy to never buy anything from AB, and to maybe use their beer for target practice if someone else buys it, but that’s not because of any wokeness toward trans people. Their beer just sucks, and hiring someone else to do their ads won’t make it suck any less.

  4. billseymour says

    Robert James Ritchie … shot at a couple of cases [of Budweiser] at close range, and missed half of them.

    LOL!  When I was in the Air Force (Vietnam era, but I was never in ’Nam and make no claim to being a hero), the rifle of choice was the M16.  Even I could do better than that on the firing range, and my shooting was crap.

    I remember a TV ad by Missouri’s now disgraced governer, Eric Greitens, firing a .50-cal at a grove of trees.  IIRC, he hit a few of them, and then grinned like a naughty child.

    Raging Bee @6:

    I’m happy to never buy anything from AB, … Their beer just sucks, …

    Seconded.  Even though I live only ten minutes from the original Anheuser-Busch brewery, I very much prefer the Czech Budweiser. 8-)

  5. lakitha tolbert says

    #4 stuffin:
    Well, I was never going to depend on him during the zombie apocalypse, anyway. He and most of the other ammosexuals are probably most likely to be eaten first, though.

  6. Eric D Red says

    And none of them see the irony of tying their manliness to the a beer that’s weak in alcohol and taste. The stuff just doesn’t taste of anything. It’s only “tough and macho” because they advertise it that way.
    To my mind, if all you drink is Bud or Coors or similar, you don’t actually like beer.

  7. AstroLad says

    I always thought Budwizzer tasted like they ran it through the Clydesdales. Especially Michelob. There was a group at a place I worked in the early 70’s that liked to go for lunch Fridays and get pitchers of Michelob for the table. One glass gave me a headache for the rest of the afternoon. Didn’t matter because everyone else just drifted through the afternoon anyway.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    During Bush the Lesser conservatives wanted to rebrand French fries as freedom fries.
    I am expecting them to get a name for beer brands not associated with.. the many and varied things they hate. Freedom beer?
    Moonshine needs no new name, it is already associated with Deliverance- style culture.

  9. whheydt says

    A good many years ago, an Australian acquaintance described American beer as “like making love in a canoe”. I hope I don’t have translate that.

    For the record…I don’t drink. I dislike the taste of alcohol, and despite what any number of people have claimed over the last 50+ years, I can taste the alcohol if there is any.

  10. gijoel says

    @4 Maybe the Marines could induct him.I’m sure that as a red blood MAGA he’d be overjoyed at the possibility to serve his country, even he’s too old by traditional recruitment criteria.

    Also he butchered Sweet home Alabama.

  11. wzrd1 says

    gijoel, Marines only want people who are capable of actually hitting their targets. He’d have probably scored more hits if he just threw the weapon at it.
    Damn, my medics shot better than he did! And he contaminated a good body of water with a shit ton of lead for nothing.
    But, if I ever want to learn how to miss my target, I know who to get instruction from.

    So, what other has beens have we heard from?

  12. flange says

    Videos of Republicans shooting at things representing things they don’t like, seems to be a thing.
    Tom Emmer shooting an AR-15 at a range, then telling us to “fire Nancy Pelosi.” Get it?
    Idiots running for office shooting their wad—er, guns to show us how tough on crime they are.
    Shooting at cases of beer? Really lame and moronic. Does this help them?

  13. silvrhalide says

    What day jobs? The last time Kid Rock was popular was in the 1990s, and he’s just coasting now on the royalties from a few hit songs that I couldn’t even name.

    The guy does covers, samples and latches on to more popular musical acts and sometimes performs with some of them as an understudy. He was born into wealth and never needed to work a day in his life.

    He’s a trust fund baby who plays dress up and let’s pretend as a blue-collar redneck. Also as a musician.
    He claims his wealth comes from music. I have my doubts–he has any number of business ventures, including the now-defunct Made In Detroit restaurant and the Honky Tonk steakhouse, among other business ventures.
    It’s easy to make money when you come from money and have the option of going back to parental money if your current business venture fails.

    How craptactular a human being do you have to be for your wife to decide that Tommy Lee was the lesser of two evils, divorces you and goes back to the less creepy creep?

  14. Ian R says

    Pretty sure “performative right-wing asshole” actually IS Kid Rock’s day job. Stupid stunts like this get him paid interviews on Fox.

  15. wzrd1 says

    flange @19, republicans shoot things because they think it triggers the weaker demoncrats, blather and more blather. They’re not far from right in some ways, but it’s still idiotic, wasteful and idiotic deserves a second mention. It’s also not an AR, but a submachine gun, looked to be 9mm with a suppressor (aka, silencer) and pretty much hands down the worst marksmanship I’ve had the sad opportunity to witness. Enough that I’ve been considering pros and cons of reporting his behavior to the BATFE for the non-sporting usage of a NFA titled firearm. It’s unlikely to be actioned though, as the filter is pretty narrow and the risk to the general public seems to be low from stray rounds or lead contamination of a waterway.
    Personally, I’m entirely uncertain if I’d trust him with a specially blunted silicone coated infant feeding spoon.
    And as background, I’m retired military and a competition marksman, who occasionally hunts deer and on occasion, actually load my rifle. Most of the time, the deer outsmarts me.
    My preferred targets, on rare occasions, even dream about are round circles made of ink and paper, engaged with slow precision at range, with all of the manual and calculatory skills that I can muster. It brings in some money, which is good and the ham or turkey around the holidays.

    As for American beer, well, camel piss is superior and I’ll not drink that either.
    Guess it’s iced tea, coffee, water, Goya malted soft drink and V2 rocket fuel, each individually selected, lest I discover a new admixture that makes camel urine even more superior…
    Oh, if anyone sees Syren saffron tea in a store, let me know where. I’m out and can’t seem to find any online.

  16. whheydt says

    Re: wzrd1 @ #22…
    Wouldn’t the silencer be illegal on it’s own?

    As for things to drink… Ice Tea is okay, as is lemonade if I make it myself. For tea, I’m rather fond of Constant Comment, sufficiently that I buy it as loose tea in 4 oz tins, about 6 at a time. Many years ago, I found a supplier of Neptun (yes, that’s spelled correctly) soft drinks that were imported from Denmark. My favorite was their grapefruit-quinine flavor. I don’t think the company is around any more.

  17. wzrd1 says

    whheydt, silencers are as legal as artillery and machineguns. Each requires its own tax stamp and heavily invasive clearance investigation process, a bit less invasive for suppressors.
    Laughably, for artillery, being destructive weapons, each and every round is a destructive weapon and requires a $200 tax stamp to create and use, expends it, requiring paperwork describing and finalizing destruction that’s ironclad.
    Yeah, got a cannon, go ahead and cock it, discharge it and it gets inexcusably expensive.
    Objectionable is, blazing away with a sub-gun. It’s a significant risk for anyone within a two mile radius, in general (loads of math there), sporting it was not, accurate it was not, sane, it was not, idiotic it was. But, Churchill observed, Americans will eventually do the right thing, once they’ve attempted every other possibility.
    Upside, school shooters can’t pass the background investigation.
    Hence, the more accurate semiautomaic and bump stock idiocy.
    As a gauge, I can accurately fire, with a base model M16A1, to 900 meters at a man sized target, with successful hits to disable within 9 rounds, definite kill shots at a dozen.
    Confirmed and replicated by few. All, buried in some database I’ve not located beyond a reference, not that I really care. I did it for pure kinematics reasons, not to be the bestest at harming anyone.
    Harm, it came well deserved by trying to harm others.
    And brings some nightmares at times, for the few times I missed and once, when I mistook a valid target that injured men for his brother.
    Tell me how to deal with blowing a 5 year old kid’s brain out of the back of his skull. I’ll wait until the protons decay.
    I’m going to have another drink.

    Shooting shit beyond marksmanship does tend to do that to me. Eventually, my brain will fail, despite my liver’s unnatural regeneration.
    I ran to that kid when I realized my mistake, I actually had reached out to try to grab the round. His facial bones moved.
    Part of me, the medic part, realized facial bones moving meant his skull was utterly disrupted, the brain’s survival, beyond unlikely.
    Welcome to my world.
    Want to explore more memories? I’ve got performing CPR on my wife of over 41 years, feeling her ribs fracture as I performed compressions, two weeks of nightmares and minimal food there. Telling my godson that daddy wasn’t coming home, because the chaplain was crying to bad? Still have nightmares of that wail.
    Star Trek Voyager’s Loop episode triggers me, I’d tell the Doctor “sometimes, one matters more than others and you have to accept that and move on”, then get intolerably drunk.
    Welcome, welcome to my world. Want the music?
    Want to know that I consider putting a weapon inside my mouth every day, many times a day? Lost a wife of over 41 years, military issues that are largely classified, so even group is well, wanna travel two hours one way for group, then two hours back and not find an aversion already?
    Then, these jerkoffs try to fuck things up for my grandkids and kids.

    Shit, this is the first time I’ve said most of this.
    Got tons of other bad memories, killing someone protecting his family and he died because I fucked up.
    Digging out a family buried by a bomb we guided, they were next door.
    That we dug them out and the villagers joined us cemented an alliance. Unlike the stinker next door, we stuck around and apologized and helped out.
    Favorite memories? Building schoolhouses and clinics.
    Nightmares, remembering the monster that I can be, while knowing what else I’ve been.

    Oh, quinine flavor isn’t objectionable to me, I’m well experienced in the flavor of a much higher civilian dosage in drinks (the US waters that down worse than the beer).

  18. ockhamsshavingbrush says

    For Chtuluh’s sake!
    My military times are long past (1989ish when The Wall came tumblin’ down I was the sqaddy maning the MG3 in a Pioneer Batallion. You know the ones that did creative bridge origami with energetic materials. I guess in the US that’s the Army Corps of Engineers) but holy shit, this guy sucks on the range.
    First of all: you do not set the selector on “full auto” unless shit’s gettin’ serious. Nope. Nosiree. Njet. I tried it myself with the H&K G3 (7.62.x 51 NATO) and did a full mag-dump with that thing and my eyeballs were bobbin’ up and down for the next minute or so. FFS he had a small caliber H&K MP5 with very little recoil and his aim was all over the place at – what? 30 feet or so?
    Hell, with the MG3 (full auto only) we were tought to let out bursts of roughly 5 rounds at a time because you’ll be off target like that if you let go for longer………. aaaand also serious overheating of the barrel. If you were so inclined you could make the barrel glow a dull red. Or so I heard, hehe.

    And for the beer thingy…..I’m all in favour of trying the Miller and Coors executives for crimes against humanity.

    Oh, and Mr. Rock? I think you should ice that burn that nice lady gave you.

  19. nomaduk says

    One final note on American beers: the reason they’re served ‘ice-cold’ is so that one can’t actually taste them. Unlike a good British ale — well, any British ale — an American beer (and we’re talking about corporate beer and excluding craft beers and microbreweries, obviously) is simply undrinkable at 10°C.

  20. whheydt says

    Re: wzrd1 @ #24…
    You have my profound sympathies. Especially for the loss of your wife. Mine died shortly after we’d been married for 51 years. CPR wouldn’t have been any use. ALS kills by making it impossible to breathe.

    I suggest that you might read Graydon Saunder’s “The March North”. Particularly, late in the book when the Standard-Captain addresses what’s left of his company for the last time (but the rest of it so that that scene has context).

  21. whheydt says

    Re: nomaduk @ #26…
    As I understand it (non-drinker, remember?) beer is best drunk at the temperature it’s fermented at. So…English beer (top fermented, relatively warm) is best warm. German-style (bottom fermented, quite cold) is best cold.

  22. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    I can’t wait to see the explanation for why this isn’t expressly anti-trans bigotry. This isn’t protesting a drag queen story hour or a drag show, or anything like that. It’s engaging in often-hyper-militarized protest against the mere fact of a trans spokesperson, someone whose content is mostly about her own experiences transitioning. Even as Jenner targeted her, she tried to keep her followers from swarming. But this is apparently something worth shooting a case for.

    I suspect Vaush as an advocate is controversial in these parts, understandably so, but he is right that this is just straight up trans genocidal rhetoric.